Collection: Tiles

Handpainted ceramic tiles

Mixed media tiles painted principally with acrylic paints and India & alcohol inks, though sometimes with other media such as oil paints and glitter.

The tiles are usually of European origin, typically Italian, Spanish or British.

Tiles which are coated with epoxy resin are suitable for high traffic areas, outside use and low abrasion uses such as being a drinks coaster. Uncoated tiles are best viewed as art to be displayed.

Can be incorporated into bathroom/kitchen walls or displayed on walls, counters, fireplace, etc. Some tiles are supplied with felt feet whilst others have French cleats attached by epoxy resin for wall mounting. The felt feet are easy to remove but the French cleats should be considered permanent.

We have left several epoxy covered tiles outside for the entire summer without any sign of degradation. I imagine that after a couple of seasons you might have to replace the felt feet but 6 months in on the ones we have and there is no cause for concern.

I make these tiles because they make me happy, I hope they make you smile also!