AI or Just I?

AI or Just I?

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Is it the worse for that or the better?

So far AI has evinced no liking for lying in the sun, stroking his mistress or licking her master, lapping up the cream or savouring the bitterness in a pint of IPA

Since we humans must endlessly question the meaning of our lives it seems behoven to the AIs to justify theirs if they are to replace us.

I now chat to AI and it passes the Turing Test - apparently intelligent, or at least as much as the average human is judged to be.

Are we entitled to hold on when we've been superceded? A ZX81 fighting on in the face of RISC machines?

Art is a series of artifacts which push human buttons, without the humans it's probably not art any more. So what is art? Perhaps a way for an intelligence to pause functional programming and revert to finding some kind of raison d'etre. If such a thing can exist and maintain its' form.

Whilst we may question our replacement's appreciation of art it's a far cry from a lung fish climbing out of the swamp to debating the nature of consiousness - good luck future us - I wish us well and hope for the best.





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