I will not be silenced.

Controlled Opposition


I've had 2 accounts cancelled on twitter.

Have I said naughty words?

Perhaps yes.

Have I raped our women?


Have I paid my taxes?


Have I looked out for my neighbours?


Have I been worried about the importation of millions of people who do not share our values?


Have I been violent and incorrigible?

No, I have been an artist and writer and engineer

Am I a menace to society?

One that needs to be silenced?

It seems so.

Anyone who wishes to defend their home land. Their mother land. Not their birthing adult land.




So be it.

Bring it on.

I will defend my country.

My womenfolk,

My children and my birthright.

Silence me bethink you?

I'll make it permanent,

you utter fuck.


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